We offer from the basic facial to the supreme facial. All facials include cleansing, skin analysis, deep cleansing, extractions (if necessary), application of specific serums, complexes and treatment creams, massage, mask and protection cream. We design the facials to suit your skins specific needs.

Pearl Caviar Collagen Deluxe Regeneration Treatment, 60 minutes:
A luxurious lifting facial for mature skin in need of repair and regeneration. This deeply moisturizing facial helps to balance metabolic deficits, and protects your skin against harmful environmental influences. The exclusive pearl caviar formula is revitalizing and packed with strong antioxidants to leave your skin calm and smooth.
Wrinkle Relax Collagen Deluxe Lifting Treatment, 60 minutes:
This luxurious lifting treatment is perfect for aging skin, young or old, in need of moisture and wrinkle relaxing. Herbal ingredients reduce muscle contraction and smooth expression lines. This facial is deeply moisturizing and helps to bind moisture to your skin.
SilkGel Collagen Deluxe Renewal Treatment, 60 minutes:
Especially suitable for combination or sensitive skin, this refreshing facial is an excellent choice for all skin types. The SilkGel formula is calming and helps to regulate moisture, reduce water loss, and strengthen skin.
Marine Caviar Express Lifting Treatment, 45 minutes:
This express lifting treatment is designed for every skin type, especially skin in need of regeneration and protection. Luxurious, revitalizing caviar facial helps to protect your skin against environmental influences and balance metabolic deficits. With very strong antioxidants, this facial is moisturizing and refining.
Soothing Cocoon Mousse Deluxe Treatment, 60 minutes:
Suitable for every skin type, except those prone to acne, this is our most unique facial! We use soft gauze and deluxe mousse to cocoon your face for an anti-inflammatory, regenerating treatment like no other. This facial is reconstructive and will help to strengthen skin, reduce water loss, and regulate skin moisture
Capillary Protection Deluxe Treatment, 60 minutes:
Designed for delicate skin, especially those with fragile capillaries, this facial improves lymph flow and acts against inflammation. Refine your skins texture with this moisturizing, antibacterial treatment.
Clear Skin Deluxe Treatment, 50 minutes:
Perfect for oily skin with tenancy for acne, this facial contains natural ingredients to calm and sooth the skin. Reduce breakouts with the antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties of this treatment.
Fresh Vitamin C Express Treatment, 45 min:
This revitalizing and toning treatment is for every skin type, especially tired skin. Vitamin C helps to optimize the energy balance of your skin and refine skin texture. Improve your skins collagen structure and reduce hyper-pigmentation with this moisturizing blend of antioxidants.
Eye Contour Deluxe Lifting Treatment, 45 min:
Perfect for every skin type, especially mature skin and skin in need of regeneration. This calming treatment for your eye-area improves skin tone and works as a soothing decongestant. The deeply moisturizing formula will also help to calm and smooth your skin.
Particle-Free Dermabrasion
Particle-free dermabrasion is a non-invasive facial suitable for all skin conditions, including acne, rosacea and couperose. This treatment reduces wrinkles and leaves your skin with a youthful, radiant glow. Skin will be revitalized and re-hydrated by this gentle, yet effective deep cleaning treatment.
Exfoliation of Blemishes

This treatment combines our traditional Supreme Facial with the new bio-elastic technology to quicken the visible effects of the lifting serums.

Particle Free Dermabrasion - Benefits
  • Proven effective, immediate, visible results!
  • Non-Invasive, enjoyable and comfortable
  • Suitable for all Skin Conditions, including Acne, Rosacea, and Couperose
  • Skin is completely rehydrated
  • No downtime, pain, or chemicals
  • No Messy Particulates
  • Skin Bella Revitalizes Skin
  • Reduces Wrinkles
  • Smoother more even skin tone
  • No Lifestyle changes required during the program
  • Skin is left with youthful radiant glow
Facial Lifting Treatment
(Particle Free Dermabrasion)
Dr. Belter Facials $120+