Brow Bar



Brows are the way to go, and we take pride in being able to offer the two most popular options to groom those lovely eyebrows. Get your brows cleaned up and shaped by Melani, who takes pride in efficiently removing facial hair using either the waxing or threading techniques. Hygiene is the number 1 priority, and we are proud to always welcome you to a clean environment, and groom you with freshly sterilized tools. Also, grab a loyalty card while you’re here – you’ll get a free brow or facial hair removal service on your 7th visit!


Why THREADING may be for you:

You don’t mind a little pain

You want a sharper, more defined shape

You cannot wax (ie. Thin skin, medications, bleeding disorder, etc)

You have sensitive skin (ie. Break out after waxing, get really red after waxing)


Why WAXING may be for you:

You can’t handle pain

You are just cleaning up your eyebrows

Your skin can handle waxing

It’s your first time getting this done/you have a LOT of hair to be cleaned up


PRICING (for both threading & waxing):

Brows - $15

Upper Lip - $10

Brow + Upper Lip Combo - $22

Chin - $10

Cheeks/Sideburns - $15

Forehead - $10

Neck - $12

Beard Shaping - $15